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AB-38 Defensible Space Inspections and Compliance Reports for Real Estate Transactions in High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

On and after July 1, 2021, when you sell property that is located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone, you'll need documentation of a compliant Defensible Space Inspection that complies with Section 4291 of the Public Resources Code or local vegetation management ordinances.


How do I determine if the property is located in the San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District and is in a High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone?

You may check here by entering either your address or APN.

If you are in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone, please submit the form below to request an inspection.


What happens after I request my inspection?

You will be submitting your request for a PRC 4291 compliance inspection to be conducted at the address you listed in the form.  You will receive a follow up phone call or email from one of our Fire Inspectors to schedule your inspection.


Is there a cost for AB-38 inspections?

Yes, the current fee for Defensible Space Inspections is $160. Our current fee schedule can be viewed here:

Fire Prevention Fees Effective 08/14/2023


What if my property does not pass the inspection?

If your property does not pass on the first attempt, the inspector will explain what work needs to be completed and schedule another appointment at a later date. If the property will not meet compliance with PRC 4291 standards or a local vegetation management ordinance, the seller and the buyer shall enter into a written agreement pursuant to which the buyer agrees to obtain documentation of compliance within one year after closing escrow.


If your property is not located in High or Very High FHSZ, STOP.  You are not subject to the requirements of AB-38.

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