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Reserve Firefighter Program

The recruitment window for Reserve Firefighter is currently closed. Future recruitments will be posted on the Current Recruitments page, as well as our social media pages, once open.

San Miguel Fire & Rescue's Reserve Program serves multiple functions. While providing the benefit of increased staffing levels for some of our busiest engine companies (thus improving the quality of service we can deliver to our citizens), it also helps develop the future of the fire service. Reserve Firefighters are often those who are working towards a career in firefighting. Former Reserves from our agency can be found in major metropolitan fire departments throughout the state. 

In addition to a part-time new hire orientation academy, Reserves are required to attend quarterly training to develop their skills. The academy is followed up by several "ride-outs" with either of the two Reserve Training Captains for additional on-the-job experience and training. After completion of the academy and ride-outs, Reserves can begin working as the fourth crew member on any of front-line apparatus.