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Chief's Message

A smiling person in a formal firefighter uniform with badge, in front of an American flag.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the San Miguel Fire & Rescue website. Within this site you will find valuable information about our District and the diverse communities we proudly serve.

Since joining the District 25 years ago as a Firefighter/Paramedic, I have witnessed and been part of tremendous change within the fire service and how we respond to the needs of those we serve. While wildfires have impacted this area for decades, we have recently been tested with an unprecedented pandemic, widespread flooding from storms, and 5-8% call volume increases annually. Our commitment, no matter the emergency, will be to protect the lives and property of residents, business owners, and visitors to all the communities that make up San Miguel. We will accomplish this through training, education, prevention, and prompt emergency response.

This District has shown tremendous resilience during challenging times. Time after time, we rise and continue to respond with timeliness, compassion, and a level of expertise that I have the greatest confidence in. Our leadership is dedicated to forging new trails, through relationships, technology, and always evaluating our response effectiveness.

I am always open to hearing from our communities and how we can better our services. I hope that you and/or your loved ones are never in need of our emergency responses, but if so, we are here 24 hours per day,

Andy Lawler
Fire Chief


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