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The San Miguel Consolidated Fire District is returning to a stand-alone fire department and is looking for exceptional Firefighter-Paramedics, Engineers and Captains to fill vacancies in Operations.

 This application process is “Open” and may close when the District has sufficient qualified candidates.  You are encouraged to submit early. 

Qualified applications will be invited to move onto the manipulative phase of the hiring process.  It is anticipated the Firefighter-Paramedic Mega Code Testing will be conducted in mid November.  The Engineer and Captain’s manipulative assessments will take place after the Firefighter-Paramedics are complete.  Qualified applicants will receive a briefing packet with manipulative explanations, FAQ’s and testing dates.

 Please review the job descriptions carefully and make sure you provide documentation either on the application or attached to your packet that supports each requirement.  Incomplete applications will not be eligible to move on in the process.

1. Applicants that desire and qualify for more than one position may request to be considered for multiple positions.  Example: an applicant that meets the minimum requirements for Engineer and also meets the additional Paramedic requirements, may request to be considered for both the Engineer and Firefighter/Paramedic positions. 

2. These are two separate positions and two separate testing processes and will require a complete application packet, including supporting documents for each position sought. 

3. For each position sought, submit 2 complete packets.  A complete packet consists of an application with attached documents that fully support all of the job requirements, certifications and licenses.

4. Resumes may be included as part of your packet, but job requirements must be substantiated and verifiable.    

5. Copies of licenses and certifications need to show the entire document, which may include both sides of a card.

6. The San Miguel application can be filled in on your computer and then printed. 

7. Remember professional looking documents that are complete make an impression.

8. Applications will NOT be accepted by email.

9. Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope.



Submission Location:       


Criss Brainard, Transition Consultant

San Miguel Fire District Headquarters (2nd Floor)

2850 Via Orange Way, Spring Valley, CA 91978-1746
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Friday 0800-1200 and 1300-1600 hrs.

2850 Via Orange Way

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday

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