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posted on May 15, 2014

The Law

California law authorizes officers to restrict access to any area where a menace to public health or safety exists due to a calamity such as flood, storm, fire, earthquake, explosion, accident or other disaster. Refusal to comply is a misdemeanor. (Penal Code 409.5) Evacuation OrdersThe terms Voluntary and Mandatory are used to describe evacuation orders. However, local jurisdictions may use other terminology such as Precautionary and Immediate Threat. These terms are used to alert you to the significance of the danger. All evacuation instructions provided by officials should be followed immediately for your safety.  

Get Out and Stay Out

Don't go back inside for anything.  

Why not? If you open a door or window to go in back inside, you let in oxygen. That’s all the fire needs to engulf a room. It could: Seriously injure the person you might be trying torescue.

Force the fire into the one open space - the door or window you just opened, seriously injuring you.  

Stay outside at your meeting place, where you can do the most good by communicating with firefighters. It takes just a few seconds to tell them:

If everyone is outside and at your meeting place.

Anything you know about how the fire started and its location.

About any pets that may still be inside         

Download Evacuation Tips

Download Residential Fire Evacuation Plan  

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